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Drafting and Rendering Projects
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Frasier Drafting Package

I created this hypothetical drafting package based on the 1994 sitcom Frasier for my final project in an advanced Vectorworks drafting class. 

The Noisy Cricket Detail Drawing

This detail prop drawing was made for an advanced Vectorworks drafting class. 

Medieval Village

This is a 3D rendering I made in Vectorworks for what would ultimately become a physical 2' by 4' painted model.

Cathedral Door Orthographic Projection

Front Elevation

Groundplan and Front Elevation created based on a reference image of August Osage County

The Ghost of Fred Fisher

This rendering was made as a concept piece for a production of a night of ghost stories that I was a scenic designer on.

This scene titled 'The Ghost of Fred Fisher' is based on an Austrailian folktale.

2 point perspective sketch

Single point perspective sketch

Cheers 3D model

On the Exhale

I created this 3d model, groundplan and section view for Curious Theatre Company based in Denver Colorado. 

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